About us

Alwize started in 2016 when we, after many years in Swedish and international telecom industry, got the opportunity to start over with something completely new together with some partners.

The first outcome was wifiFront, a smart app- and cloud service for combining geo-positioning and public wifi. Since then, we have continuously developed and enhanced the functionality. During 2019, a loyality/member card and Swish connection for payments are introduced.

But why wifiFront? Well, we have always been amazed how bad and totally unsecure public wifi works all over the world and how little has been done during all these years. Still, it is difficult, a lot of hassle and unsecure for users and the benefit for wifi-owners is uncertain in many cases.

By using app- and cloud-based technology, we think we will be able to provide solutions that are both easy to use and secure. Hence, wifiFront will help increase sales and customer loyality.

Thord Ericsson, CEO, Alwize AB